Catching up

I jogged in mom's posh neighborhood today in my ratty running shoes and cut off gymwear and no deodorant, after having coffee and English muffins with the ladies of my family at a ridiculously early hour on a Sunday morning. The run about did me in - I'm used to flat Florida and these North Carolina hills are NO JOKE. Burn, thighs, Burn!

They all went out antiquing again today; without me, thank you very much. Couldn't do it two days in a row, I just don't have that female stamina for shopping. My Aunt B called me a shopping wimp. Hah. Instead, I read a fashion magazine from cover to cover and napped on the sun porch. It was delightful. Quiet house, at least for now. They'll be back before long and then my aunt Anne will be here to add to the female squadron that is my family. There will be trout for dinner and lemon-drop martinis and velvet hammer conversation.

I just want more Pirates. Yo ho.


Blogger andi said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!


*jumping up and down*

have i mentioned how much i loved spending a few short hours with you?

"moments with you, though they are few, keep me far from feelin' stranded..."

that's a gran torino song. so i'm cheesy, shoot me.

3:53 PM  

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