Summer rolls

Wow. An entire month and a half slid right on by without my touching my computer. Shocking. I can't even account for my whereabouts.

It is full blown summer here. Hot hot hot, and dry as the desert until last night. Thunder rolled in around four a.m. and the rain followed shortly after and kept going until sunup. The dogs were in a slight panic about it, but I found it soothing.

We harvested our first homegrown tomato over the weekend; I made eggs benedict (sort of)- English muffins, sliced homegrown tomato, scrambled eggs, then all toasted with havarti dill cheese. I plucked the second ripe tomato yesterday and will serve it slice with just a little salt. The basil LOVES the heat and I've had to repot it twice in the last month. And another tomato ripens on the vine, with several more on their way.

Charles and I put together a free-standing screened gazebo yesterday and laid it right up against the back of the house. Bingo bango presto, instant screened in back porch, made with pride in India from faulty parts and constructed by newlyweds with a grudge against the neighbors who listen to Classic Rock at full freakin' volume at 1am. We grilled shish kebobs, drank Newcastle and listened to Social Distortion until the sun went down. Maggie, poor idiot that she is, tried to go after a mourning dove and crashed into the screen house, tearing three holes into the screen, flopping around like a fish in a net. Not fifteen minutes after we'd set it up. Knocked it right out of square she did. As I contemplated sewing the tears back up with my superstrong white thread, Charles took one look, turned around to the tool drawer, pulled off some duck tape and slapped it on the holes. "There. It's fixed."

As we sat on the porch this evening, contemplating further Redneck improvements to our new patio such as astroturf flooring and an electric bug zapper (just kidding about the zapper, I promise- but not the astroturf), the seat of my captain's chair gave way and my ample ass hit the cement. Luckily Newcastle was safely on the table, its cool brown ale condensing early evening dew on the bottle. I got another chair. The crickets sang their loud symphony and the blue jays lighted on the feeder. The dogs were still. Bring on the hot.