Day 14 2005 Again

I am taking the dogs for a quick jaunt- they deserve it after getting baths last night after coping with fleas which they have because I haven't taken them to the vet because I spent all my saved money on going to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving then New Orleans and Nashville for Christmas.

New Orleans is the coolest American city I've ever been to. Go there if you ever have the chance. Stay in the French Quarter and eat breakfast at Petunia's and have lunch at the Napoleon House and dinner at Nola. Stay at the Biscuit Palace and go to the Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. You will not regret it. If you love books, go to the Faulkner House bookstore on Pirate's Alley. If you love croissants, eat them at La Madeleine. You will not regret it.

Day 14 2005

Can you hear me?

So very very glad it's Friday.

Loki is sleeping in front of the door. Maggie is asleep in Harry's chair.

Music is seeping from the computer in the other room where I abandoned it to check my email on this computer.

It rained today and now it's clear and cold.

My husband sweet man that he is is sharing beers with coworkers after his week.

I am enjoying this little quiet space in my ratty yellow chair and thinking about the iced coffee awaiting me in the refrigerator. I hope that all my friends who read this are doing well and that they know they are well loved from this woman in her 35th year from her little quiet space in south Tampa Florida while Loki snorts in boredom.

I am sure that he and Maggie would be thrilled if I gave up this infernally boring (to him) keyboard and took them for a walk. He's telling me that telepathically right now. Can you hear him? I sure can. Occasionally he'll actually express it verbally with a heaving sigh. Just so you don't worry about me, the canine telepathic communication is a metaphor.